Dear Readers

I hope you‘re all fine and that you have had a wonderful start in the year 2022! 

Just a few days ago the entire SwissSkills National Team met for our very first Team Weekend in Aarau. 

The long-awaited event took off with what has now become a familiar ritual – a Covid Rapid auto-test taken in the very early morning. As expected, we all tested negative which meant we had the light green for a great event together. 

40 Competitors and the Team Leaders went to the rehabilitation center in Bellikon where we were all warmly welcomed by SUVA. We spent the entire day learning about how to optimize our mental and physical health. Alongside some interesting speeches from experts in sports medicine, we had the chance to practice some useful exercises to stay fit and physically well-prepared for our upcoming mission. 

After this very intense day, we finally got back to our hotel and we went to our rooms to rest for a while. 

In the evening we met for a delicious dinner where we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with our teammates.

For me, one of the best things at SwissSkills is that there are no small cliques like you might encounter from other teams. We share a mutual, positive attitude and we try to foster open and friendly relationships.  For example, if we enter a dining hall, we do not go to a specific place to be with a particular group of people. Rather, we all sit down and wait to see who will join us. Therefore, we get to know each other better and it is a pleasure for us to meet so many interesting people who share the same passion as we do – the passion of doing a job with heart & soul.

After dinner we met for a late-night session all together. As a Team it is important to have one common goal and to write down our thoughts. That’s why we decided to work on a “Team Chant”, something motivational which represents our team. A Team Chant we can yell before we start our competitions and that reminds us of why we are there.

One of the most unique facts about Switzerland is that there are four official languages. For that reason, we created a Team Chant which includes them all.

Prêt?     – are you ready?                                            French

Per dare tutto – to give all we can?                        Italian

Gie, essan nus – Yes, we are!                                   Romansch

Hopp Schwiiz!

The following morning, we started with a very early breakfast at 07.00 a.m.

After breakfast, We gathered and had some pleasant conversations while we got to meet our coaches.

Saturday was a very important day for me because we were focused on team spirit and we devoted our time to improving communication within the team, especially between a competitor and his or her coach.

We were all sent on a 30-minute walk together with our coaches. We spent the time exchanging our current thoughts and needs which was, I think, a very important step to take.

Following this we did some team exercises which were meant to build more trustful relationships.

Later that day, we had the pleasure to listen to Leo Held, who was already with us on the first Competitor Day in Zurich. He gave a very inspirational speech and shared some useful advice regarding our goals and plans.  

The day ended with a constructive exchange between all the competitors.

Looking back on this very successful event, I’m even more certain that we have an exceptional National Team and the best possible foundation to work towards our common goal – gold in Shanghai!

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend continue to keep you up to date!

Warm regards, Tim 

1st Swiss Champion Hotel Reception

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