Another milestone in our cooperation was contractually set yesterday.

Hotel & Gastro formation Schweiz is honored to have AICR Switzerland as a passionate and competent partner for the initiative SwissSkills and WorldSkills. That commitment touches us very much and encourages us enormously.

Thank you very much for your valuable support and your commitment to promoting young talents in the hospitality industry.

History of the AICR

It was in the year 1964 that the idea of a professional association was proposed by Jean Boeri, Head of Reception, Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo and Rene Jayles, Head of Reception, Hotel Carlton, Cannes. Together, they persuaded their colleagues working in leading hotels on the Cote d’Azur to meet in order to encourage communication and establish personal and professional relations that benefit them all.

The first regional Amicale thus came into being on the Cote d’Azur. The ACR. was to remain very much a French affair until 1973 when the Swiss Amicale founded by Otto Berger and Claudio Guida came into the picture.

In February 1973, at the first International Congress in the city of Lausanne the birth of the Amicale International des Sous-Directeurs et Chef de Reception des Grand Hotels (AICR) was announced. Otto Berger, Head of Reception, Bellevue Palace Hotel, Berne became the first elected-International President of the AICR.

Since then, other European countries have joined the Amicale. Today, the Registered Office of the AICR is at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. The AICR International Congress was initially held once every two years in a city determined by the participants present in the previous International Congress. Nowadays, sections from all around the world meet every year – to hold the International Congress and to hand over the coveted David Campbell Trophy to the International Receptionist of the Year. It takes place in a city well known for it’s hotel and tourist activity. During the Congress a meeting of The Presidium and a General Assembly takes place.

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