Dear readers

The participation in the SwissSkills competitions is usually reserved for candidates who have completed their apprenticeship.

In my case, I had the privilege of being able to participate in the 2020 edition when I had not yet completed my apprenticeship studies. This risky choice paid off and secured me my ticket to Shanghai 2022.

The road to Shanghai is still very long and other challenges are on the horizon … the closest is happening these days with my final exams.

All my energy and my efforts are focused on these assessments that I intend to pass successfully. Graduating with excellent marks will comfort me and give me the strength to face with serenity but also with determination the next stages of the WorldSkills mission.

Looking back, I realize how quickly these 3 years of study have gone and especially how they have shaped me into a more professional person.

An era ends, but at the same time, a new opportunity emerges.

Today, I am very happy to share this incredible news with you: from 1st September 2021, I will be joining the amazing guest service team at Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne.

I could not have dreamed of a better place to train for my preparation for the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022. This wonderful establishment enjoying a remarkable international reputation has already left a very strong mark on my mind during my recent visits; today I cannot wait to learn the keys of the trade thanks to my future line managers who will play a predominant role in my training as a Guest Service Agent and preparation for the big international competition next year. Of course I am also looking forward to a future together after the WorldSkills.

The support of the hotel is already incredibly strong, and I was able to meet passionate people who are strongly behind my success.

It is my pleasure to share the following picture with you.It is my pleasure to share the following picture with you.

Get together- May 27, 2021 – Bürgenstock Resort

We see here the, how I like to call it, „Dream Team“ that will make the Gold Medal in the category „Hotel Reception“ happen for Switzerland.

(from left to right) Mr. Egidio Marcato, my personal coach from SwissSkills. Mr. Neslon Tytus, Assistant Director of Guest Service from Bürgenstock Resort and Mr. Sascha Hättenschwiler, Reception Manger also from Bürgenstock.

I am already in close contact with my future employer and look forward to our upcoming relationship.

In this new adventure, I also understand the importance of cultivating an excellent professional network; I am infinitely grateful to be able to count on the support that Hotel & Gastro formation Switzerland in collaboration with AICR Switzerland have already given me and that I hope will continue to support me all along this long journey to Shanghai 2022.

All my gratitude today goes to the Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Regensdorf, the place of practice of my 3 years of apprenticeship. All of the staff and management, including the hotel guests, have been a tremendous asset and unwavering support that I will never forget. Their advice, guidance, understanding, patience are invaluable which has helped forge my passion for hospitality.

But I will be happy to share a tribute to Mövenpick and the great people who have accompanied me through the past years with you in the upcoming blog post.

I wish you all a great time and stay healthy!

Best wishes,

Tim Oberli

1st Swiss Champion Hotel Reception

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