Dear ladies and gentlemen,

After nearly one month since my recent victory at the very first SwissSkills Competition in Hotel reception I‘m finally able to take the time and introduce myself and report about my current life as the SwissSkills Champion.

Saturday, 03th of october; „and the winner is: Tim Oberli“- This breathtaking moment has changed my life, in a very positiv way of course. I felt and stil feel very honored and proud to be able to call myself a Champion from this moment on. 

The day after I had quite a bussy shift at work. Due to this, i did not have the time to realize what was going on. 

When I look back at this competition I am first of all very thankfull for all the great people I’ve met during the last months. I would especially like to thank my competitors. Even though it was a competition, it felt like a teamwork and we would have liked to see everyone win. We actually became colleagues and still keep in touch with each other.

Kick-off meeting in august

A high interest of media has also occured with my victory. So two days after the finals I already have had several interviews with local newspapers and radio stations. Some more will follow in the next days.

Since I‘m just 17 years old and currently finnishing my apprenticship I do have quite a lot duties beside the very intensive preperation for our Gold-mission in Shanghai. For this I‘m attending daily classes at Egidio Marcato’s „Swiss Hospitality Guild“. Therefore i meet with students from China each day in online classes as we study and learn together everything about hospitality with a clear focus on Hotel reception. 

My first online class with „Swiss Hospitality Guild“

The upcomming year will of course be filled with alot of expiriences, emotions and challenges. I’m looking very forward to this year an I am thankful for this great oppertunity.

I remain with these words and will gladly keep you up to date.

Warm regards,

Tim Oberli

1st Swiss Champion Hotel Reception

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